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Today we had our Norwegian Bull Terrier Open Show. Judge Mr. Chris Wright.

Bullenoias Rosa Tenebrae , best junior with HP ⭐️ Bullenoias Queen of Everything Best Norwegian bred bitch 2017 . Bullenoia Kennel, Best Breeder today In Norway Open Show Bullenoias Queen of Everything 2 best bitch 15-24 months with HP, Bullenoias Queen Black Dragon nr 3, Bullenoias Queen Amidala nr 4 and Bullenoias Queen Elizabeth nr 5. Dazlin Diamonique 3 rd best bitch 4-7 years Bullenoias Hedda Heartbreaker was nr 4, 4-7 years. Bullenoias Rebel best junior with HP and Bullenoias Ragnar Lothbrok 2 best junior with HP.  Bullenoias Rebel 4th best male with HP, in his 1 st show. Bullenoias Pilgrim was 2 best male 15-24 months .


New Champion Tromsø International Dogshow NKK ⭐️ Bullenoias Ohmagad Over The Moon ⭐️ ( Buffalo Bulls Looking For Love x Linda's Little Rock Chick ) Best Of Breed With Cc and Cacib. 3 cc's in 4 shows. Congratulations to owner Trude Sundet.



Des 2016

Bullenoias Pilgrim was Best Male at the Swedish Winner Show 2016, he then gained both Swedish Junior Winner AND Swedish Winner 2016. He also got the Cc and BOS. Judge Kari Jervinen , Finland.


07.05.2016 Bullenoias Jack Frost is now also a Swedish Champion !


20.02.2016 Bullenoias Oh So Smokin`Hot Best of Breed with Cacib Judge ; Annamaria Tarjan

13.12.2015 Bullenoias Oh So Smokin`Hot Swedish Junior Winner with Cc. Judge ; Peter Lauber.



International Weekend 2015 NBTC 8 November 2015

BULLENOIAS OH SO SMOKIN`HOT 2 best in intermediate class :D

Judge ; Mr Russel Lamonby



DKK Herning 30/31-11 2015 Bullenoias Oh So Smokin Hot BOB both days :D

She was Danish Junior Winner & Danish Winner

Judge : Mr Ger Cox and Ms Laura Cox

2 European Junior Winners 2015 ! Bullenoias Northern Light Of Norway and Bullenoias Oh So Smokin Hot !



Bullenoias Oh So Smokin`Hot


07.06.2015 Best of Breed in Drammen.Judge : Gunnar Nymann DK. An International Show. She got the Cc , and is now qualified for Crufts.

Summer 2015

Best junior with HP and 5th best bitch. Tyrone Probert ( Llanwenarth Bullterriers ).

Best Junior with HP. Lorraine Sheppard ( Polanca Bull Terriers ).

Best Junior with HP. Alison Roberts Teirwgwyn. ( Teirwgwyn Bullterriers ).

Best Junior and European Junior Winner 2015.




23.07.2014 Bullenoias Linda`s Little Rock Chick gave birth to 7 puppies. The sire is Buffalo Bull`s Looking for love.





Open Show 2014! It was 87 Bull Terriers and the Judge was Anna Blair from UK. Bullenoias Marshall and Bullenoias Magic Mike got 1 & 2 male puppy 4-6 months. With HP. Bullenoias Misty Meadow got best bitch puppy 4-6 months with HP, and 2 Best bitch puppy of all ages. she Even got BIS head puppy bitch. Bullenoias Lafayette got 4th best male 15-24 months and BIS movement male dog! Bullenoias Jack Frost got 4th best male 2-4 years, and Dazlin Diamonique 4 th best bitch 2-4 years Bullenoias Dazzling Dior got a nr 3 in bitches 7-10 years.

Bullenoias Misty Meadow

Bullenoias Marshall



2 New Champions from Kennel Bullenoia Today ! BOS Bullenoias Irony ( Javarke Jet Fuel x Bullenoias Escada Paradise ) and Bullenoias Jack Frost ( Bowler Hat's Story of Hemingway x Bullenoias Galactica ).



Norwegian Winner Show

BOB Sjv-12, NV-13 Bullenoias Jack Frost , BOS Multich Bullenoias Martial`s Breed

Thanks to Judge Dubravka Reicher!




Bullenoias Linda`s Little Rock Chick Best junior with HP, BEST BITCH BIS 2.


Bullenoias Jack Frost 3rd best male 15-24 mnd , Bullenoias Happy Gilmore 2 best male 2-4 years with HP.



02.2013 Bullenoias I am number Four ( Javarke jet fuel x Bullenoias Escada Paradise ) Bob with Cc! Judge : Hans-Erhard Grutter Germany.

10.02.2013 Bullenoia's I am number Four won Bob with Cc! Judge ; Kari Salminen Finland. Exporama, Hellerudsletta. She also was BIG 1 !!!


24.01.2013 Bullenoias Incredible Martial`s & Quest Fortuniana will be in the theatre show " Oliver Twist " this spring!


19.01.2013 Dazlin Diamonique got a Cc at her first show as a reg junior. Best of Breed Junior.


Bullenoias Incredible Martials got the Swedish Junior Winner title today, with Cc! And 2 best bitch. Judge Bettie Calm Irl. Bullenoias Jack Frost got  Best junior male ! ( with Swedish Junior Winner title ).

25.11.2012 Norwegian Winner Show 2012;

Bullenoias Incredible Martials got the Norwegian Junior Winner title today. Bullenoias I Am Number four got Best Bitch Open Class. Bullenoias Jack Frost got 3rd Best junior male.


04.11.2012 Bullenoias Incredible Martials got the Danish and Nordic Junior winner title. And 2x Cc`s in Denmark this weekend.


27.10.2012 Bullenoias Jack Frost got Bob and Cc today any Bullenoias Jewel of Black Pearl got Bos and Cc. Judge Dominic Harris, Irl.


21.08.2012 Baltic Junior Winner with cc. Bob junior. Bullenoias Incredible Martials. Baltic junior champion.

05.08.2012 Bullenoias Jade Dragon got BIS puppy in the Swedish Open Show !

Judge ; David & Theresa Westwood, Tulsadoom bullterriers, UK.



Judge ; Mr. Dai Hall fra kennel Cwmdulais i Wales, UK.

1 HP Bullenoias Jack Frost 12/12/11 (V) (Bowler Hat’s Story Of Hemingway –

Bullenoias Galactica) Oppdr. og eier Linda Vangsnes, Fetveien 1509 D, 1903 Gan

Well grown white with earmark. Strong head with a good finish, good mouth, good bone, one ear

soft. Moved well behind. Good bend of stifle. BIS puppy 4-6 months.

Bullenoias Jade Dragon BIS Puppy

1 HP Bullenoias Jade Dragon 12/12/11 (BV) (Bowler Hats Story Of Hemingway –

HO Bullenoias Galactica) Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes, 1903 Gan, Eier Kristian Damlin,

Solid blackbrindle. Excellent profile, good eye, nice earset. Good reach of neck, straight front,

good feet, good topline. Moved well. Correct mouth. BTK-1, Beste Hode Tispevalp, BIS Puppy !


2 HP Bullenoias Jewel Of Black Pearl 12/12/11 (SV) Bowler Hats Story Of Hemingway

- Bullenoias Galactica) Oppdr. og eier Linda Vangsnes, Fetv. 1509 D, 1903 Gan

Solid blackbrindle. Good profile, excellent eye and expression. Good front and feet. Good topline.

Perfect mouth. Moved a little close behind. BTK-4


1 HP Bullenoias Happy Gilmore 25/05/10 (RV) (Shawnee Sitting Bull – Bullenoias

HO H Dazzling Dior) Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes, 1903, Gan, Eier Len-Terje Hermansen,

Herslebs gate 17 A, 0561 Oslo

Large red/white, good profile with nice finish, Excellent eye and expression, enough fill. One

canine inside. Powerful neck, good shoulder and front, short back, good bend of stifle. BHK-1,



1 HP Dazlin’s Diamonique Of Bullenoia 05/09/11 (V) (Skyline Defies Dazlin – Ultrabull

HO Real Destination) Oppd. Darren Blakely, England, Eier Linda Vangsnes, Fetveien

1509 D, 1903 Gan

Medium sized white. Excellent profile, good fill, good eye and expression. Mouth incorrect. Straight

front, good feet, good reach of neck, correct topline. Moved a little close behind.


2 HP Bullenoias Incredible Martial’s 11/06/11 (V) (Javarke Jet Fuel – Bullenoias

H Escada Paradis) Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes, 1903 Gan, Eier Ann Jeanette Stenhaug

Jensen, Ullerøyveien 216, 1747 Skjeberg

Elegant white. Good profile, slight eyebrow, good fill, correct mouth. Nice reach of neck, good

shoulder placement, correct topline, straight front. Moved a little close behind.


Quest Fortuniana 22/12/08 (V) (Emred War Dance – Quest Helenae) Oppdr.

Espen Thygesen, 1814 Askim, Eier Linda Vangsnes, Fetveien 1509 D, 1903 Gan

Medium sized white. Long deep head, good profile, slight mouth fault, good eye. Good reach of

neck, good shoulder and topline. Moved a little wide in front.


Bullenoias Hedda Heartbreaker 25/05/10 (V) (Shawnee Sitting Bull – Bullenoias

B Dazzling Dior) Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes 1903 Gan, Eier Erik Haugseth, Hurdalsgata

14, 2003 Lillestrøm

Powerful white. Long head with a finish. Broad deep body, good front and topline, tight feet. Moved



Bullenoias Hope 25/05/10 (BV) (Shawnee Sitting Bull – Bullenoias Dazzling Dior)

Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes 1903 Gan, Eier Sølvi Lise Strømstad, Sankt Halvardsgt. 9,

3015 Drammen

Elegant brindle/white. Long deep head, correct mouth, good eye. Nice bone, good bodylines.

Moved OK when she settled.


Bullenoias Escada Paradis 17/02/07 (BV) (Emred Jack Daniels Of Astasia –

Bullenoias Bazooka) Oppdr. Linda Vangsnes, 1903 Gan, Eier Ann Charlotte

Løvås, c/o Linda Vangsnes, Fetveien 1509 D, 1903 Gan

Substantial brindle/white. Strong head with width, good mouth. Just needs more profile. Deep

body, good bone, straight front. Moved close behind.




08.10.2011    Quest Fortuniana was Norwegian Champion at NKK in Hamar. She was also BOB with cacib.

14.08.2011    Bullenoias Happy Gilmore won Best of Breed, and BIS 2 at the Swedish Open Show !

Bullenoias Goliath got best male 2-4 years and 4 th best male.

Judge ; Mr Darren Blakely UK.

2 nd best Breeders Group with HP

23.07.2011   We had our Norwegian Open Show today. Judge; Sarah Foster , UK.

Bullenoias Happy Gilmore was 2 nd best junior male, and 3 rd best male. Bullenoias Hot Shot , got 2 nd best junior bitch. Bullenoias Hedda Heartbraker got 4 th best junior bitch. Quest Fortuniana got 5 th best bitch 2-4 years. Kennel Bullenoia got BIS Breeders Group and BIS Stud Dog group.

12.06.2011                 Kennel Bullenoia won BEST IN SHOW breeders class at The Norwegian Terrier Club today. Judge Bill Lambert.

Bullenoias Happy Gilmore was best male and BOS , more results under my dogs , G and H litter.

Best in Show Breeders Class


19.03.2011 Bullenoias Godzilla got a Cc , CAC, Reserv CACIB At Malmö International Dogshow today!

05.01.2011                  Such Nuch Nordw - 2010 Bullenoias Galactica was Swedish Champion this weekend!

27.11.2010 Nuch Nordw - 2010 Bullenoias Galactica became Nordic Winner 2010 !

10.10.2010 Nuch Bullenoias Goliath ble Champion i dag ! Han har vært på 3 NKK utstillinger og fått tre cert.

Nuch Bullenoias Goliath became a champion today ! He has entered 3 dog shows and got 3 Cc`s.