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23.07.2014 Bullenoias Linda`s Little Rock Chick gave birth to 7 puppies. The sire is Buffalo Bull`s Looking for love.


Bullenoias One Bright Star Of Norway

Bullenoias Outlaw


Bullenoias Orkan


Bullenoias Ohmagad Over The Moon


Bullenoias Oh So Smokin Hot


Bullenoias Optimus Prime



Buffalo Bulls Looking For Love

Bigshot Cracker Barrel

Super Bowl`s Foreigner

BigShot Leading Lady
Se Dk Uch Buffalo Bull`s I`m Independant Ida

Multich Emred War Dance

Se Int Uch Buffalo Bull`s Germanmade Greta

Bullenoias Linda`s Little Rock Chick

Bowler Hat`s Story Of Hemingway

Se Uch Goliatha All That Jazz

Se Uch Bullrups Knubbiga Knallhatt

Nuch Quest Fortuniana

Multich Emred War Dance

Quest Helenae