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6 puppies are born , 5 girls and one boy.

Javarke Jet Fuel x Bullenoias Escada Paradise




Javarke Jet Fuel

GB CH Emreds Huntsman

Tulsadoom Isakabuli


Devils Diva Of Emred

GB CH Terjo's Jolee At Javarke

GB CH Javarke Jack Flash


GB CH Terjo's Touch Of Gold


Bullenoias Escada Paradise

Emreds Jack Daniels


Bilston blackjack of Emred

Emred Xmas Stocking

Nuch Bullenoias Bazooka

Such Agamemmnon


Nuch Such Dkuch FINch Fin 03 Norduch Intch SV-03 NV-2003 Quest Tenebrae





Bullenoias Ice Ice baby

Bullenoias Ironic Iris

Bullenoias Irresistable

Bullenoias Ice breaker

Bullenoias I am number four

Bullenoias Incredible Martial