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My name is Linda Vangsnes and I am the proud owner of Kennel Bullenoia. It is a small Kennel, and all my dogs live in my house. My goals are to breed healthy , good natured quality dogs.
I have had dogs all my life. From 1998 I have only had bull terriers.They have a special look and a big personality in a "small" body. You will never have a boring minute with such a dog.

Bullenoias One Bright Star Of Norway

Sjv-12, NV-13 Nuch Bullenoias Jack Frost

Bullenoias Happy Gilmore

Int Nord Fin Ch NV-03, NV-04, SV-03, FINV-03, DKV-03 Quest Tenebrae

My first four girls I bought from Espen Thygesen, Kennel Quest. One of them, Int Nord Fin Ch NV-03, NV-04, SV-03, FINV-03, DKV-03 Quest Tenebrae, was my brood bitch. She was big and solid and had a tremendous show career. She has given me two beautiful litters. One of her offspring Nuch Bullenoias Bazooka, has been a kind and elegant bitch with a great feminine body and a particularly good profile. In 2011 I bought a bitch from Kennel Dazlin in uk. Dazlin`s Diamonique. In 2012 I kept Nuch Bullenoias Jack Frost.

I am trying to breed healthy and good tempered bull terriers, and I try to get them massive but elegant. Some other good show dogs from my Kennel is Nuch Bullenoias Crusader , DKch Bullenoias Fanny Von Bressendorff , Multich Bullenoias Incredible Martial, Bullenoias Happy Gilmore and Bullenoias Oh So Smokin`Hot.

Nuch Such Nordic Winner-10 Bullenoias Galactica            Nuch Bullenoias Crusader

Since 1998 I have worked as a veterinary nurse. I am very concerned about good health. I do not breed dogs with allergies, and I test my breeding dogs for heart , kidney , patella and skin problems annualy. You must also be aware that some bull terriers eat everything they come across. Sometimes objects must be surgically removed.This is one of the most frequent causes of death in the breed.

Dazlin`s Diamonique

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